"Thanks very much again for your hard work earlier this afternoon. Great session as always, feel much better when i come out than when i went on. Look forward to our session next week in the hope you can get me to the start line for the London half on 25 March."  DAVID BURNESS, MARCH 2018


“After years with back pains and issues, I have finally been able to make progress and recover from this chronic condition. Susi, among all the practitioners have seen, is the only one that has been able to confirm a diagnostic and more importantly work on my muscles effectively. Susi is the best therapist I have ever had the chance to access. Thanks a lot Susi!”  ARNAUD LOUIS, MARCH 2018


"I have been getting treatment for over 20 years and have been to countless Therapists for Deep tissue/massage and acupuncture sessions. I have been having regular sessions with Susi for over 3 years and I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is also friendly with the ability to put you at ease when you first meet her. I have yet to find another Therapist who works as hard as Susi in a session. The benefit I have received from her dry needling treatment surpasses any I have received elsewhere and I have recommended Susi to countless friends and family, all of whom have commented how great her treatments are. I can’t recommend Susi enough, you won’t leave disappointed."   STEVE KIDD, MARCH 2018


"Couldn’t recommend Susi enough.  She's fixed issue I have been having in shoulders and arms, which I didn’t think possible in a couple of appointments.  So strong and listened to the area I needed  help with and focused on there.  Looking forward to my next appointment!"  JODI AULD, FEBRUARY 2018


"I’m so glad I found her!! She helped me a lot with both dry needling and massage and I felt already better since the first time!  She is sooo  good!! 5 stars is not enough!"  DAIANA  RUOCCO, FEBRUARY 2018


"If there were more stars I would give  them for Susi. Her knowledge is  impeccable and she is the only person I go to and come away from feeling remarkably better in such a short space of time.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else as this lady is pure magic!"  MARIE SHORTHOUSE, FEBRUARY 2018


"I have been helped by Susi Adams on several occasions over the past three years, always with positive results . On Christmas Day, I pulled a muscle in my back. My doctor diagnosed sciatica and prescribed strong painkillers. I could not walk or sleep because of the pain. Over a period of five/ six weeks, Susi used a combination of muscle massage, acupuncture and cupping, within significant success. I am now rediscovering " the joy of movement " and can walk and stand with ease. I have complete faith in Susi and her skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Susi Adams, thanks to her, I am mobile again!"   EILEEN ARROL, FEBRUARY 2018


"Now mid 40's and a life of intensive training, chronic muscle tension was inevitable. Susi's sports & remedial massage treatment is now part of the training routine; she has played an integral role in sorting out all the built-up issues of long-term training and chronic muscle tension. I am now back to training as hard as I was in my 20's, just with an appreciation on how vital Susi's ongoing treatments, advice and support is to this commitment."  STUART C. McLEOD, DECEMBER 2017


"My wife died in January of this year after a long battle with cancer.  Throughout her illness I was her carer 24/7.  Since this event I have suffered badly from anxiety and stress and ill health.  I was so fortunate to meet Susi who has been a wonderful aid to me.  Due to her care and compassion I feel I am walking in her daylight toward the goal of my health.  She is my go-to person. Thank  you Susi."  IAN SMITHERS, NOVEMBER 2017


"I have been attending Susi for treatments to my lower back for the few years now.  Without fail Susi always manages to help me.  She is firm and thorough in her techniques and is very knowledgeable in the advice she gives me.  I maintain regular visits to Susi and this has made a huge difference in the way I feel.  I would highly recommend Susi Adams as she is extremely qualified and professional."  CHRISTOPHER CARRY, OCTOBER 2017


"I am really pleased with the result of my treatments with Susi. I was suffering from work/child related back, neck and shoulder pain. After a few sessions with Susi, I had a significantly improved range of movement and no more daily pain to manage. I highly recommend Susi Adams Therapy and am happy to be a returning customer."  JACQUI WATT, OCTOBER 2017


'Susi is super knowledgeable in her field. I have suffered from many lower back injuries over the years and every time Susi has been able to sort me out. Her practise is one of the best I have been to." AMY SIM, OCTOBER 2017


"I first heard about Susi from a friend who could not praise her work highly enough. I was having trouble with my upper back and neck and decided to see what Susi could do. Two sessions with Susi and I was pain free.  As my problems are caused by stress and tension, I see Susi occasionally to prevent my muscles tightening again. Thank you Susi ."  MARGARET BEGGS, JULY 2017


" I've been seeing Susi for just under a year regularly and wouldn’t go to anyone else  Shes worked wonders on my legs and wouldn’t be able to run without her.  Highly recommended." LOWRI CAMERON, JUNE 2017


"Susi Adams is a brilliant massage therapist with many years of training and experience.  She has made a huge difference to a couple of injuries, and muscle tension I have had.  I have been to lots of different therapists for remedial and manipulative therapy and I would say that Susi is the best by far.  I would recommend Susi Adams to anyone looking for a massage therapist."  AYLA DUFFTON, MAY 2017


"Feeling much better after my massage with Susi, I have a painful neck injury that causes me major discomfort, the massages & realignment I get from Susi is much better than any medication I have tried - so big thank you Susi !"  KIM PRESSLIE, MAY 2017


"I would recommend Susi Adams Clinic to anyone but particularly to those in need of remedial deep tissue massage of back neck and shoulders. I have been a client of Susi's for a few years and have been greatly relieved by the deft work she has done on my neck and shoulders. I was particularly thankful for her work on my lower back after an injury whilst playing golf."  ROBERT FORSYTH, MARCH 2017


"Hi  Susi, I cant believe how well that session was on Friday!  I was almost pain free on Saturday and I managed 13 miles running on Sunday.  Great job, thanks again!"😊 AYRON COMBER, MARCH 2017


"I have been coming to see Susi for over five years now and was a client of hers when she was at Brooks-Carter Clinic.  I see Susi regularly once a month and she has helped me with my legs and back.  She looks after me, never rushes me and gives good advice.  I would recommend Susi to anyone who has difficulty and wants a good treatment."  ALEX FORSYTH, MARCH 2017


"I hadn't been to Susi in a while & I'm so glad I've gone back! I have Fibromyalgia & always get such relief after a treatment :) Highly recommend & look forward to my next massage!"  MICHELLE MURRAY, MARCH 2017


"After suffering for two years and being to the doctor and physiotherapist, I was still in constant pain.  My daughter had been to Susi and thought she was wonderful and couldn't sing her praises enough.  When Susi moved to Queens Road it was a Godsend as I worked there and it was handy for me.  After the first treatment wow what a difference I felt and from there on in I'm no longer in agony the way I was before.  I will continue going back to Susi as and when I feel any discomfort again.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this lovely lady as she knows what she is doing and boy what a difference you will feel."  JOYCE WHENT, MARCH 2017


"Amazing massage therapist and I have tried a few in Aberdeen.  Highly recommend Susi." 🙂  SUSAN COCHRAN, MARCH 2017


"Have had many treatments over the years – 100% recommendation."  ANNE POLLARD, MARCH 2017


"I’ve been to a number of therapists for deep tissue/sports massage but none of them came close to Susi.  She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and clearly knows how to fix it.  She has improved my pain levels so much so that I haven’t had to use pain relief since my first appointment.   She has got me back running again after significant injury from a car accident.  I cannot recommend her enough."  LINDSAY ANNE HALLIDAY, MARCH 2017


"I have been coming to see Susi for several years now having followed her from the Brooks Carter Clinic.  I train for triathlons and regular sport massages keep on top of any niggles.  I would highly recommend.  I have been to other therapists however keep coming back to Susi."   PAULA MILNE, FEBRUARY 2017


"I’ve been regularly seeing Susi now for over a year.  She remedied a neck and shoulder issue within a short period of time and I now attend monthly for maintenance.  She always finds a space for a short notice appointment when I need it.  For example I had a niggle in my hamstring which had been plaguing me for weeks, after 2 sessions one of which was dry needling it was remarkably better. The best therapist I have been to."   WENDY GRAY, DECEMBER 2016


"Hey Susi…meant to drop you a note saying thank you. The dry needling must have done the trick on my leg last week as I felt good by  Saturday and ran a PB at the Inverness Half on the  Sunday." TONY MCGARVA, MARCH 2017


"Been to Susi a few times now after being recommended from one of my clients. She always does a great job and makes you feel at ease. She sorts my knots right out!" 🙂  SIOBHAN SHAND, FEBRUARY 2017


"I attended Susi’s clinic through a recommendation from my sister-in-law, who suffered similar ailment to myself, tight leg muscles. I also suffered from pain and stiffness of joints and gluteal muscles after driving for short periods. Susi’s vigorous technique was not what I expected and was at times noticeably different to other physiotherapists I have attended. From my first appointment Susi managed to relieve a great deal of the aches and pains I had come in with and also made in-roads to curing my lower back pain, which I had not raised as an issue. Her overall approach and technique of dealing with my aches and pains has certainly improved my mobility and I would thoroughly recommend her to my friends and colleagues for any muscular treatment."  GARY JENKINS, FEBRUARY 2017


"After having ongoing problems with my back I came across Susi’s website and decided to see if her treatments would help. I have now been going to Susi for nearly a year and amazed at how her massages have helped my back and neck, and now just have a maintenance massage every 5 weeks. Susi has also worked on my legs which have varicose veins and this has helped circulation and appearance. Susi has a wealth of knowledge in her field and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone."  NORMA THOMAS, FEBRUARY 2017


"Can highly recommend Susi Adams Clinic.  I had a problem with my back.  Tablets from doctor made no difference, but two visits to Susi and felt miles better.  Very professional service. Fantastic massage and also given lots of advice re exercises to help. Will definitely return."  JUNE WATSON, FEBRUARY 2017


"I would highly recommend Susi, Being in the gym 5 times a week lifting weights takes a toll on your body, I have been to quite a few different places but i found Susi a few years back and have never looked elsewhere. She is amazing at what she does and I recommend her to everyone I speak to, every time I Leave I feel in tip top shape. I normally go in for an all over sports massage but if i have any part particularity bothering me she will turn her focus to sorting it for me. 5 out of 5 stars from me."  FIONA ROSS, JANUARY 2017


"Susi has been looking after me and my injuries for several years now and is the only therapist I will see and I’ve been round them all! Being a keen outdoor enthusiast (triathlon, hill running, kayaking, mountain biking and climbing) I’m prone to accidental and over-use injuries. Susi will get to the route cause quickly and effectively. Very friendly and a good listener to my stories!! Highly, highly recommended!"🙂 AYRON COMBER, JANUARY 2017


"I have been Susi for some time now and was delighted when she opened her own clinic. I see Susi to help keep my back in order from the rigours of advancing years and office working. Her professionalism, knowledge and advice are second to none. She also from time to time helps with other issues, one instance in particular I remember was when I had been suffering elbow pain for weeks. I asked her about this during a routine visit and in one session using both manipulating techniques and dry needling I felt significantly better. The next day I was pain free and the only thing I felt was slightly sheepish in not having gone to see her sooner. I would recommend anyone to visit Susi, you will see and feel the results for yourself and I am sure be as enthusiastic about her services and results as I am." RAY TAYLOR, JANUARY 2017


“Seeing Susi regularly, every month, has worked wonders with the tensions of work taking their toll on my neck and shoulders. Thanks Susi.”  TOM JOHNSON, JANUARY 2017


“Susi is a great massage therapist who took the time to understand what I wanted from my massage. She worked deeply into the muscles with an awareness and gentleness that allowed her to provide a deep and relaxing massage. After the session she showed me exercises to relax and stretch my muscles at home. I highly recommend her services.”  ALICE BAKER, JANUARY 2017


“I first started visiting Susi in August as was suffering from cluster headaches and also blocked sinuses. I felt that there was no way to get relief unless I started on strong medication that consultant had prescribed However Susi has worked wonders for me Dry needling and then deep massage is making me feel so much better and given me back my energy to enjoy the things I like to do.”  KAY MCCULLOCH, DECEMBER 2016


“I’ve been a client of Susi for the last 5 years and cannot recommend her highly enough for professionalism and knowledge. I feel that Susi treats me as an individual and strives to give me the best treatment for my personal problems.”  SUSAN MORRICE, DECEMBER 2016


“For months, I had taken high doses of heavy duty painkillers to get any movement at all and I was really struggling. I care for my mum and I have an old dog who I have to carry up and down the stairs so my body was in pain all the time and many a time I cried with the pain and frustration.  I was put on the waiting list to be seen by the NHS in June and am still waiting. A friend of a friend recommended Susi to me.  She is a nurse and thought she would have to give up work with her difficulties until she went to see Susi and after regular treatment, she is 100% better and highly recommended going.   It was difficult at the beginning as Susi had a lot of work to do, but I continued to come regularly every 3 weeks and this has made a vast difference. I would highly recommend Susi and have been doing so to anyone I feel needs her.  I am so much better and able more to look after my mum and dog.  Thank you Susi.”  DOUGLAS DAVIDSON, DECEMBER 2016


“I have visited Susi on various occasions for a sports massage and every time I have left feeling I could run the world. Through the years I have visited others who have done a good job but Susi has managed to help me get back to it quicker. It’s obvious she knows how all the muscles work and how they are connected. This helps to find the route of any problem. I highly recommend a visit whether it’s for a sports massage or something a bit more serious.”  DINO ROUSSIAS, JANUARY 2017


“Best massage I’ve ever had. Susi always finds the area where the pain is coming from, and with her magic touch, she has you feeling much better in no time. Thanks Susi.”  AUDRA JOHNSON, JANUARY 2017


“I have suffered from a sore back for nearly nine years. An injury then three subsequent pregnancies left me in a lot of pain. I had tried chiropractors, physiotherapists and GPs. Nothing helped and I was having to take increasing amounts of painkillers to help with the pain. With three young children to run after, I felt more like an old lady crippling behind them rather than a relatively young mum! After shuffling into see Susi, I came out after the first session feeling more flexible than I had in months. After repeated treatments, my back has never been better. I’m back on my bike and back playing netball….things I never thought I’d manage to do again. I take no painkillers and my quality of life (and that of my children’s) has improved dramatically. I’m now able to take them down slides and play at soft play rather than having to sit it out in fear of how sore my back would be after. Thank you Susi.”  FAYE COLQUHOUN, JANUARY 2017


“Susi is an excellent therapist. I visited the clinic after suffering from back and neck issues. The treatment was very beneficial and was given advice to prevent issues and build strength.”  LES PETRIE, DECEMBER 2016


“With being very active in my life I always seem to be getting injuries and niggles especially in my lower back. Over the years I have been to many specialists but I can honestly say that getting a sports massage from Susi has dramatically reduced injuries and muscle fatigue / stiffness. This is a real proper massage, not relaxing but really gets into those knots and tired muscles. The benefits to me have been immense and going to the Susi Adams Clinic is a vital part of my well being now.”   GREGOR COLQUHOUN, JANUARY 2017


“I would highly recommend Susi for Sports massage and manipulation. I am always managing pain from back and hip and her massage and manipulation has meant I can carry on doing activities. Susi has also recognised other areas I can work on at home to maintain the mobility . She is practical and supportive .”  MARGARET CONNON, DECEMBER 2016


“Two years ago I had massage from Susi for a debilitating spinal back condition and at the time I was unable to get neither osteopathic or medical treatment. On observing how much the spine was out of alignment even she raised her eyebrows. After two treatments I was able to feel real relief and after six treatments I was back to normal again.  She repaired it and my back has been in good shape since then.  Thank you Susi!”  DAVID SUTHERLAND, DECEMBER 2016


“Best massage ever! Have been using Susi for about eight years now.  I followed her from Brooks Carter Clinic.  I will not use anyone else now." ARLENE TASKER, DECEMBER 2016


“Susi is a true expert in her field. Her massages are not for the faint hearted as they can be painful but just take deep breaths and grit your teeth😬 . As the saying goes “no pain, no gain”. If you suffer from a lot of tension in your body then Susi is the one for you. She will get tension out of places you never knew it existed. A true miracle worker! And also a lovely and friendly woman who has her clients best interests at heart. Highly recommended. Such a positive review from a long standing client can only be testament to her ability and skill.”  ANDREA ADAMS, DECEMBER 2016


“Susi came highly recommended & has lived up to that promise , she literally has given me my life back . My neck & shoulders were extremely painful . Her treatments are tailored to each persons individual problem . I have never had such a therapeutic massage , & was introduced to dry needling. She has the right mix of professionalism & friendliness . I now recommend Susi to friends & family.”  BARBARA STRACHAN, DECEMBER 2016


“Susi’s first words to me were “I will make you scream” she kept her word but I can truthfully say I left walking better than I had for over 30 years. If I had known of the benefits of massage many years of pain could have been alleviated. Many thanks Susi”  LES MCKEN, DECEMBER 2016


“My initial treatment was for tight leg muscles. In particular my calves but deep tissue massage with Susi has sorted that out and I’m now running again without pain. Leading quite a sporty life, golf, climbing, tennis running Im often left feeling tired and tense however now that I have been attending regular sessions with Susi I feel more relaxed and able to get more from my sports. Susi’s not just good. She’s awesome.” GREG MUIR, DECEMBER 2016


“I Have been suffering from extreme discomfort in my neck for a few weeks, and I was recommended make an appointment at the clinic. I was very impressed with the level of discussion around my complaint, and also the friendly atmosphere. The treatment was very good and have no cause for complaints – although it did leave me a little sore for a few days! I would recommend this to anyone who maybe struggling – coming along and meeting Susi is certainly worth it.”  CHRIS SHEPHERD, DECEMBER 2016


“I would highly recommend visiting the Susi Adams Clinic, my experience has been fantastic. Susi has considered my needs fully to provide the best possible treatment for me and after three sessions I am already feeling the benefits. Well worth a visit.”  VICTORIA LETHBRIDGE, DECEMBER 2016


“I have been seeing Susi for a few months on a weekly basic to keep on top of a continuing knee problem I’ve got. The treatment t has been working brilliantly and I’m continuing to see Susi to make sure it stays in a good way. Without Susi’s help, advice and treatment there’s no way I’d manage to run any distance, but since seeing her have managed to cover 63 miles racing only as well as plenty training. I would highly recommend Susi to anyone. Amazing lady with magic hands!”  LOWRI CAMERON, DECEMBER 2016


“Susi is an amazing therapist. She always manages to resolve my back and leg issues. Recently I’ve been suffering excruciating migraines especially while at the gym. After 1 visit to Susi the pain from the migraines was less and after my 2nd session I rarely get any migraines. I can’t recommend her enough!! Thank you Susi.”  KAREN ASH, DECEMBER 2016








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