Client testimonials



" Thanks very much again for your hard work earlier this afternoon. Great session as always, feel much better when i come out than when i went on. Look forward to our session next week in the hope you can get me to the start line for the London Half on 25 March. "


“ After years with back pains and issues, I have finally been able to make progress and recover from this chronic condition. Susi, among all the practitioners have seen, is the only one that has been able to confirm a diagnostic and more importantly work on my muscles effectively. Susi is the best therapist I have ever had the chance to access. Thanks a lot Susi! ”

eileen arrol

" I have been helped by Susi Adams on several occasions over the past three years, always with positive results. On Christmas Day, I pulled a muscle in my back. My doctor diagnosed sciatica and prescribed strong painkillers. I could not walk or sleep because of the pain. Over a period of five/ six weeks, Susi used a combination of muscle massage, acupuncture and cupping, within significant success. I am now rediscovering " the joy of movement " and can walk and stand with ease. I have complete faith in Susi and her skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Susi Adams, thanks to her, I am mobile again! "


" I have been getting treatment for over 20 years and have been to countless Therapists for Deep tissue/massage and acupuncture sessions. I have been having regular sessions with Susi for over 3 years and I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is also friendly with the ability to put you at ease when you first meet her. I have yet to find another Therapist who works as hard as Susi in a session. The benefit I have received from her dry needling treatment surpasses any I have received elsewhere and I have recommended Susi to countless friends and family, all of whom have commented how great her treatments are. I can’t recommend Susi enough, you won’t leave disappointed. "

jodi auld

" Couldn’t recommend Susi enough.  She's fixed issue I have been having in shoulders and arms, which I didn’t think possible in a couple of appointments.  So strong and listened to the area I needed help with and focused on there.  Looking forward to my next appointment! "


" My wife died in January of this year after a long battle with cancer.  Throughout her illness I was her carer 24/7.  Since this event I have suffered badly from anxiety and stress and ill health.  I was so fortunate to meet Susi who has been a wonderful aid to me.  Due to her care and compassion I feel I am walking in her daylight toward the goal of my health.  She is my go-to person. Thank  you Susi. "

christopher carrie

" I have been attending Susi for treatments to my lower back for the few years now.  Without fail Susi always manages to help me. She is firm and thorough in her techniques and is very knowledgeable in the advice she gives me.  I maintain regular visits to Susi and this has made a huge difference in the way I feel.  I would highly recommend Susi Adams as she is extremely qualified and professional. "

jacqui watt

" I am really pleased with the result of my treatments with Susi. I was suffering from work/child related back, neck and shoulder pain. After a few sessions with Susi, I had a significantly improved range of movement and no more daily pain to manage. I highly recommend Susi Adams Therapy and am happy to be a returning customer. "


" I've been seeing Susi for just under a year regularly and wouldn’t go to anyone else  Shes worked wonders on my legs and wouldn’t be able to run without her.  Highly recommended. "


" After having ongoing problems with my back I came across Susi’s website and decided to see if her treatments would help. I have now been going to Susi for nearly a year and amazed at how her massages have helped my back and neck, and now just have a maintenance massage every 5 weeks. Susi has also worked on my legs which have varicose veins and this has helped circulation and appearance. Susi has a wealth of knowledge in her field and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. "


" I have been Susi for some time now and was delighted when she opened her own clinic. I see Susi to help keep my back in order from the rigours of advancing years and office working. Her professionalism, knowledge and advice are second to none. She also from time to time helps with other issues, one instance in particular I remember was when I had been suffering elbow pain for weeks. I asked her about this during a routine visit and in one session using both manipulating techniques and dry needling I felt significantly better. The next day I was pain free and the only thing I felt was slightly sheepish in not having gone to see her sooner. I would recommend anyone to visit Susi, you will see and feel the results for yourself and I am sure be as enthusiastic about her services and results as I am. "

DOUGLas davidson

" For months, I had taken high doses of heavy duty painkillers to get any movement at all and I was really struggling. I care for my mum and I have an old dog who I have to carry up and down the stairs so my body was in pain all the time and many a time I cried with the pain and frustration.  I was put on the waiting list to be seen by the NHS in June and am still waiting. A friend recommended Susi to me.  She is a nurse and thought she would have to give up work with her difficulties until she went to see Susi and after regular treatment, she is 100% better and highly recommended going.  It was difficult at the beginning as Susi had a lot of work to do, but I continued to come regularly every 3 weeks and this has made avast difference. I would highly recommend Susi and have been doing so to anyone I feel needs her.  I am so much better and able more to look after my mum and dog.  Thank you Susi. "

greg muir

" My initial treatment was for tight leg muscles. In particular my calves but deep tissue massage with Susi has sorted that out and I’m now running again without pain. Leading quite a sporty life, golf, climbing, tennis running. Im often left feeling tired and tense however now that I have been attending regular sessions with Susi I feel more relaxed and able to get more from my sports. Susi’s not just good. She’s awesome. "

chris shepherd

" I have been suffering from extreme discomfort in my neck for a few weeks, and I was recommended make an appointment at the clinic. I was very impressed with the level of discussion around my complaint, and also the friendly atmosphere. The treatment was very good and have no cause for complaints – although it did leave me a little sore for a few days! I would recommend this to anyone who maybe struggling –coming along and meeting Susi is certainly worth it. "

victoria lethbridge

" I would highly recommend visiting the Susi Adams Clinic, my experience has been fantastic. Susi has considered my needs fully to provide the best possible treatment for me and after three sessions I am already feeling the benefits. Well worth a visit. "

karen ash

" Susi is an amazing therapist. She always manages to resolve my back and leg issues. Recently I’ve been suffering excruciating migraines especially while at the gym. After 1 visit to Susi the pain from the migraines was less and after my 2nd session I rarely get any migraines. I can’t recommend her enough!! Thank you Susi. "

barbara strachan

" Susi came highly recommended & has lived up to that promise , she literally has given me my life back . My neck & shoulders were extremely painful . Her treatments are tailored to each persons individual problem . I have never had such a therapeutic massage , &was introduced to dry needling. She has the right mix of professionalism & friendliness . I now recommend Susi to friends & family "

les macken

" Susi’s first words to me were “I will make you scream” she kept her word but I can truthfully say I left walking better than I had for over 30 years. If I had known of the benefits of massage many years of pain could have been alleviated. Many thanks Susi "